PCS Cherry Point

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Realtor Steve Tyson

New Bern NC Homes for sale


Welcome to Havelock and New Bern

If this is your first PCS to Cherry Point we hope you will find it a great place to call home. There is quite a to like about being stationed at Cherry Point and listed below are just a few.

  1. Only a few minutes from Atlantic Beach and the Crystal Coast. Fun in the sun, great fishing.

  2. Enjoy 160,000 acres of forest and waterways of the Croatan National Forest.

  3. The Neuse River runs through New Bern and Havelock and is the widest river in the United States. Great boating, sailing, fishing, skiing. Plenty of public water access. The Trent River is perfect for boating, kayaking, skiing, and fishing.

  4. Great golfing and other recreation opportunities. Your kids will love living in Eastern North Carolina.

  5. Unlike California, affordable home prices in the area will allow you the opportunity to own your own home. How great is that?

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BAH Rates for Cherry Point

Rank BAH BAH with Dependent
E-1 $ 792 $ 1026
E-2 $ 792 $ 1026
E-3 $ 792 $ 1026
E-4 $ 792 $ 1026
E-5 $ 894 $ 1110
E-6 $ 999 $ 1332
E-7 $ 1056 $ 1407
E-8 $ 1155 $ 1488
E-9 $ 1224 $ 1502
W-1 $ 1002 $ 1335
W-2 $ 1152 $ 1440
W-3 $ 1230 $ 1539
W-4 $ 1353 $ 1602
W-5 $ 1425 $ 1680
O-1E $ 1110 $ 1425
O-2E $ 1209 $ 1524
O-3E $ 1332 $ 1614
O-1 $ 942 $ 1134
O-2 $ 1080 $ 1329
O-3 $ 1251 $ 1536
O-4 $ 1416 $ 1710
O-5 $ 1464 $ 1833
O-6 $ 1539 $ 1851
O-7 $ 1569 $ 1869

In Addition to your BAH The Tyson Group will credit active duty Marines up to $ 1000 moving expense. Combined with our partnership with local vendors you will be able to purchase a home for little or no out of pocket expense.

The Tyson Group are your Cherry Point PCS experts. We handle real estate sales, rentals, and short term stays.

Steve Tyson is a certified E-pro. Only 4% of Real estate Brokers have achieved this certification.

New Bern's Top Real Estate Team

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