New Bern is a great place for Fishing

Fishing in New Bern

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Fishing is just a great way to relax while visiting New Bern.

The largest Stripped Bass I have seen caught  in New Bern

The picture above shows my brother with a 58 pound striper caught near Fairfield Harbour in the fall of 2007. Fairfield Harbour is located about 4 miles south of New Bern by water. Good one big brother.

Big Drum caught near New Bern

Not to outdone by his father my nephew landed this Red Drum a few miles past Oriental. They both studied under me for several years learning advanced river fishing skills.

Another successful fishing trip in New Bern NC

The picture on the left shows me, in the center, with some nice Speckled Trout caught about 5 miles up the Neuse River from New Bern, NC. That night we hit the jackpot, catching 6 coolers full of Speckled and Grey Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Spot, and Croaker. These are all considered salt water fish, but when the Neuse River gets brackish salt water fish will come up as far as New Bern. You never know what you will catch in the Neuse River.

Ladies, It doesn't take much to make a man happy

Fishing near the mouth of the Neuse is fun and productive

My next door neighbor caught this beauty of a Drum about 15 miles down river from New Bern between Oriental and Minnesott. The river gets quite brackish as it approaches near the Pamlico Sound so some large species of salt water fish are caught here.

New Bern homes for saleHe caught the huge flounder shown on the left, on the Outer Banks in August, 2010. This is the biggest flounder I have ever seen.

Attack of the Giant Crabs

Fishing on the Trent River

This was just one of many monster crabs we caught in my back yard in the Trent River on July 30, 2011. The Trent, mostly fresh to brackish water, has been full of crabs this year.

Large Flounder caught in New Bern

This blurry picture shows me with a nice flounder, again caught in the Neuse River near Fairfield Harbour. Flounder can be caught in the Neuse River for most of the year. This picture was taken in 1987.

East Carolina Saltwater Fishing Club

If you enjoy fishing you should join the East Carolina Saltwater Fishing Club. The organization meets at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at the Famous Subs and Pizza, located at 2210 Neuse Blvd., in New Bern.

Membership is $30 per year and boat ownership is not required, as the club needs crew members also. At each meeting the members bring in speakers to bring them up to date on the latest fishing methods and equipment.

The club organizes nine tournaments each year, including both offshore and inshore fishing for Stripers, Cobia, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Dolphin, and other species. For more information call Paul Melson at 252-634-9602.

Captains Log-Fall 2009

 Neuse River fishing in New Bern

Fished the "Black Pearl" this morning in Hancock Creek, in off and on rain. 3 anglers including myself. Caught at least 20 trout, 2 flounder and 1 Red Drum.  No big trout, but all nice.  The Flounds were too small.  The Drum, well just look at the attachments. Drum hit a Spook Jr first thing in the morn. Only drum bite.

29" appox 10 lbs.  Awesome fight! Fishing light tackle. He had me down to my backing in no time. Thought I would loose him, but he finally turned and headed for the boat. Not an everyday fish. After boating him we all stood around looking at him.  Reminded me of a fishing joke.  Remind me to tell it to you sometime.

Hope your day has been as good as mine.

Capt Harry-King of the Neuse River

Coastal Carolina Fishing

For a calendar of Coastal fishing tournaments click the link below

Fairfield Harbour Fishing Club

New Bern homes for sale

Northwest Creek winds through the community of Fairfield Harbour and empties into the Neuse River. On Saturday, June the 28th, 2008, my wife and I were heading into the creek about 40 minutes before sunset when I spotted a dorsal fin about 100 yards ahead of us. Speeding up a little to investigate we discovered a pod of 7 dolphins. What an incredible sight to see these large mammals trolling up a small creek. We followed them for 1/4 mile or so until they turned around and headed back out into the Neuse River. Dolphins are common in the Neuse River and are often sighted in the Trent River as well when the water gets brackish.

New Bern Homes

We went out on the Neuse August 22, 2010 and did some night fishing by the railroad trestle in downtown New Bern. Not much to show for our efforts except this good size catfish, shown above, caught by Keith Mitchell.

New Bern Fishing

The Catfish shown in the picture above were caught in the Neuse River by native New Bernian Clint Walker in the summer of 2011. The fish on the right was a 60 pounder. Clint tells me there are 100 lb Catfish in the area he caught these.

The Ultimate Fisherman

Shown above is hands down the best fisherman in New Bern. This picture was taken just a few hundred yards  from our house on the Trent River. With fish comprising 99% of an Osprey's diet, they have evolved into natures most efficient fishermen.

Today Osprey are found nesting on just about every buoy in the Trent River. In the 1950's and 60's Osprey were rarely seen in New Bern but are quite common today. The ban of DDT is usually credited for the rise in numbers of these incredible birds of prey.

Soaring 30 to 130 feet above the water the Osprey will hover over the water watching with it's keen eyes. When it spots a fish it will dive feet first to depths of up to 3 feet. Hooking it's prey with powerful talons it will slowly climb back into the air and bring its fresh catch back to the nest to share with family.


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